CDP make Happy Tenant Google Happy!


Brief: Turning Responsive

The Beginning.

As you can see, the Happy Tenant website was very difficult to use on a mobile device. The website had a high bounce rate and the usability was the main reason for this.

The website does not make the most of the viewing available, with a lot of white background space. Happy Tenant wanted to keep their original design, but wanted it to work on mobile devices.

Happy Tenant Before

Identifying the Client’s Requirements

We spoke with the Client to find out their priorities. . They wanted a user-friendly website that would work on mobile devices as well as it did on desktops. Being well aware of the Google Update back in April, they knew that as well as needing to decrease their bounce rate, they also needed to adapt with the Google Update to avoid being penalised in the Google mobile search rankings.

How did CDP Help?.

By eliminating all white space and enabling zooming in on the website, we made it easier to read and use without changing the main design of the original website.




We then focused on a user friendly menu. With the use of a clear menu box in the corner of the website, so it popped out with large icons, it made it easier to use on any size mobile device. By also hiding the menu it created more space to fit larger text on the main pages. This made the website easier to use and read, key factors in enabling the website to be more responsive.

Happy Tenant Menu

We worked hard to make sure that all of the text fitted within the mobile device screen. It will also resize dependent on the dimensions of the mobile device including tablets. We created the website so when used on a desktop or laptop, it maintains the original design. This kept any changes to the layout of the website for these devices to a minimum.

Happy Tenant 3The Results.

Within a week of the responsive website going live, Happy Tenant noticed a 10% decrease in their bounce rate. They also received some great feedback from their Clients who used the Happy Tenant website on their mobile devices.

With the increasing use of mobile devices to view the internet, maybe it’s time you thought about making your business website more responsive? Find out more by e-mailing with your details to and we’ll call you back and discuss how we can provide you with support, advice and a partner to help grow your business.