Can I Afford Not To Have A Digital Strategy?


Digital Marketing is now a major factor to the success of businesses, both large and small.

The same thing does not work across the board. SME’s cannot expect to use the same marketing techniques as a large corporate company.

This is where having a Digital Strategy comes in, and why it is so much more than a buzz-phrase.

So, what is a Digital Strategy?

A Digital Strategy is the process of analysing your business objectives, related activities and opportunities to get the most out of your Digital Marketing activity.

Basically, it comes down to knowing your goals, customers and your audience.

There are a number of things to decide before you can consider which digital channels to use. Essentially, the Digital Strategy should focus on your objectives and the best way to measure your performance.

This will then allow you to locate your audience and how best to communicate with both your current and prospective clients. By making the most of Social Media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & YouTube, as well as email marketing and subscriber lists, you can choose which tools and applications will provide you with the data you need to build your audience and, ultimately, more customers.

Having a Digital Strategy enables you to logically create a plan based on your data, while also taking into account limitations such as budgets and available resources.

Can I afford not to have a Digital Strategy?

Having a Digital Strategy helps you to identify who your customers are, what you need to say to them and what they want to hear from you, how you intend to do it, how will you measure the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy and more importantly, where you go next.

If you have no Digital Strategy, you effectively have no direction and run the risk of spending your budget without knowing your ROI.

Here are some other reasons how you would benefit from having a Digital Strategy:

  1. Stay in Control
  2. Take Opportunities and Experiment
  3. Stand Out from the Competition
  4. Get to know your Customers
  5. Save Money and Time
  6. Join up your Marketing
  7. Prepare for the Future
  8. It Aligns with your other Strategies

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