Digital Marketing Facts


The Digital Marketing world is changing fast and new trends are forming every hour! Digital Agencies now need to stay ahead of the game, have a thorough idea of the landscape and have the ability to adjust their strategies accordingly.

We have posted ten Digital Marketing Facts below that are keeping our clients and us ahead of our competitors.

1. 60% of B2B marketers use web traffic to measure success instead of using sales lead quality or social media sharing.

When measuring web traffic, it all comes down to the analytics. This is because it is much easier to measure the ROI and track the performance with reliable website traffic numbers. Although a lot of traffic look good, it’s not everything. This stat also gives us the immaturity of marketing measurement in the majority of companies, and the need for a deeper look at the data and analysis. If you turn up your content marketing analytics this year, you’ll be way ahead of your competitors come 2016. (Source)


2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will continue to capture the largest share of online spend at 47%, or about 14% of the company’s budget.

You may have heard the saying, “the more you put in, the more you get out.” This is true with SEM. Companies are now investing a lot of money into search engine marketing and SEO, as they need to to engage or re-engage a customer on their path to purchase. Those spending more money now, will have the competitive advantage in 2016. Another key point to remember is to know where to find your customers as this is the key to connecting with them, as the places to find customers are changing all the time with apps, software and mobile devices change and impact customer habits. (Source)


3. 28% of marketers have reduced their advertising budget to fund more digital marketing.

Due to the fact Digital Marketing has a much higher ROI than the old-school marketing methods, more and more people are shifting away from these and moving towards the non-traditional online channels. Due to the fact that marketers can track and measure ROI a lot easier when marketing online, they feel that businesses are able to stretch money further when they can get an effective marketing strategy in place. (Source)


4. Content creation and management now claim the second largest share of digital marketing budgets.

With social networks, customer-driven forums, blogs and video, creating and planning around content that is effective and interesting is a huge thing in 2015. To stay ahead of competitors, you will need to create a dynamic strategy and a team of talented writers to build great content that engages with customers. Customers use digital channels for collaboration, research and purchasing, so making sure you use the right ones are critical. (Source)


5. Digital Marketing spend is forecasted to increase to 35% of total budgets by 2016.

Every business person knows they need to have a marketing budget. The trick is knowing where to split a marketing budget in 2015, between traditional and online marketing methods. The extra trick is to then be able to split the online budget among the various digital channels. To stay ahead of your competitors, the best way to do this is to research where your customers “hang out” most online or where your competition is aiming for. Our best strategy is to try something, track the results via analytics and then slightly change your strategy to maximise your ROI. Mobile marketing is the fastest growing digital marketing channel this year, so making sure you have space in your budget for that is vital. (Source)


6. Organic Search leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound marketing leads have a 1.7% close rate.

Everyone wants the majority of their website traffic to be organic search. This is because those who are finding your website, are doing it on their own behalf, no sales pushing required! However, it takes a lot of work to make this happen. You will need to focus on social media shares, word-of-mouth, engaging cross-platform content and consistent fresh content to get there. Having a lot of organic search traffic makes the salespersons job a lot easier when closing the deal. (Source)


7. 84% of top performing companies are using or planning to start using marketing automation in 2015.

Due to the fact content marketing has become a lot more popular in 2015, automation allows companies to engage consistently with their customers over numerous digital channels. It also allows companies to centralise their operations, including email marketing, web analytics, landing page creation, segmentation, list management and multi-channel campaign execution leading to creating a deeper alignment between the marketing and sales teams. (Source)


8. 67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from brands they follow.

One of the best and most effective benefits of Twitter is the fast-paced flow of information, making it easier to add fresh content throughout the day, allowing you to constantly engage with your customers. Tweets are easy to automate, repurpose and a great way to share links to your blogs, videos, contests and/or announcements in a way that is time efficient to share. Twitter also allows you to engage directly with customers to manage any issues and/or showcase your positive customer service. (Source)


9. 73% of B2B marketers use video as a content marketing tactic, and 7% of marketers plan on increasing their YouTube marketing.

Companies heavily rely on YouTube when it comes to video content marketing. However, you do not need to be big to leverage the power of video marketing. With the majority of 18-60 year olds with a smart phone in their pocket, access to video is quick and easy, and that doesn’t even factor in any other types of mobile devices such as tablets. (Source)


10. Online display advertising will capture the next biggest share of the online spend at about 34% of total online spend and about 10% of the total marketing budget.

Digital Marketing is very flexible. Companies have the ability to slightly change a failed campaign, copy a successful digital marketing campaign from another product/service/competitor as well as increase the sale of a successful digital marketing campaign. With the ability of companies now taking full advantage of the latest technology and software, they can now quickly turn around changes or update their strategies faster than ever before. (Source)


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