Why Should I Market My Company Online?

why should i marketing my company online

Online marketing has seen consistent growth over the past few years and is looking likely to overtake print according to a recent IAB report. If you are one of those that believe that marketing online is wasting your marketing budget, then we’ve listed 14 reasons why you should market online.

1. Increase Product Awareness

Most consumers only buy products that they have heard of. Products that are unknown or unpopular in their market are easily ignored. Online marketing can help by increasing product awareness making it known to the consumer market.


2. Increase Brand Awareness

Again, most consumers only buy from those they have heard of. Online marketing can drive traffic to your website and build that all important reputable brand awareness. Creating effective targeted campaigns can create brand influencers and reach the right audiences.


3. Increase Reach

The ability to go online to watch TV shows, listen to music and access the news is now becoming more popular than watching live TV. Having an effective marketing campaign means staying in front of your customers. From recent reports, the majority of customers are online, so this means you should be too! It also means your ads will be working for you 24/7.


4. Increase Traffic

Websites don’t gain more visitors just by themselves. You need to do this by implementing an online marketing strategy and include the likes of SEO, Social Media and PPC. These are all different ways to increase traffic to your website which in turn leads to both brand awareness and an increase in sales volume.


5. Increase Sales

With all the reasons why it’s beneficial to use online marketing, it’s clear to see why it would give you an increase in your sales volume. Targeted online marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for a high Return on Investment.


6. Consumer Preference

Around 90% of consumers’ preference is to research a company before doing business with them. With the growing use of smart phones and tablets and the ability to receive super fast internet, more and more consumers are using the internet. It is also more convenient and cost effective for consumers.


7. Cost Effective

Online marketing is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing currently out on the market. When it comes to online marketing, over time you should get back more than what you put in if controlled properly, but it also means you can put in as little or as much as your budget allows.


8. Accessible to Consumers

Unlike a physical store, your website is visible to consumers 24/7. With a professional e-commerce solution marketed effectively you can actually make money in your sleep!


9. Insight

When using a digital agency, analytic reports about your online marketing campaigns should be provided. These will show exactly which ads have brought you the best quality leads, how many impressions were served and when they were served, the best channels to your website (referral, social media, PPC, etc.) and so much more. Online marketing provides endless insights to the consumer allowing you to become more effective in your marketing strategies compared to more traditional marketing and advertising channels.


10. Targeting

Online marketing allows you to target and re-target your perfect customer profile. This allows you to spend your budget exactly where it needs to be, increasing your website conversion rates.


11. Creative

Using Creative Digital Agencies can not only target the right customers, but also take online marketing a step further by turning your well designed online advert from good to great.


12. Flexibility

Online marketing is extremely flexible. You can respond and adapt to incoming data instantly. You can also pause campaigns when you need to and adjust your strategy to find that perfect customer profile. If you are good at anticipating your customers’ needs, you can adjust the ads in advance to allow you to stay in front of your competition.


13. Engagement

Online marketing allows you to create a personal touch and connect with your consumers. One way of engaging straight to your consumers would be via Social Media marketing such as Facebook and Twitter. This allows you to have direct contact with consumers to find out exactly what they are talking about for you to then target. Having an online presence also allows you to see how much time a consumer is spending on your website, if they looked at any particular products and/or pages and if it led to any conversions.


14. Stay ahead of the game

Your competitors are doing it, you should be doing it. But it needs a good strategy… CDP offers a consultancy service to understand what will work best for your business, assess your website content, and advise where best to allocate budget for a cost effective online marketing campaign.


If you can relate to any of these points, then CDP, a Digital Marketing Agency in Sheffield can help. Send an email with your details over to jcoughlan@cdpcreative.com and we’ll call you back and discuss how we can provide you with support, advice and a partner to help grow your business.